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Interactive Puzzle Ball

Interactive Puzzle Ball

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Introducing our newest addition to our line of interactive dog toys: the puzzle ball with fleece pull-outs! This innovative and engaging toy is designed to stimulate your PAWSOME friend's mind and satisfy their natural instincts to forage and hunt for treats.

The puzzle ball features a durable and non-toxic plastic exterior that is perfect for even the most enthusiastic chewers. The ball is designed with a unique shape that adds an extra level of challenge to the puzzle, making it more engaging for your pup. Inside the ball, you will find several fleece pull-outs that can be filled with your dog's favourite treats or kibble.

To use the puzzle ball, simply insert the treats into the fleece pull-outs and place them inside the ball. Your dog will then use their nose and paws to manoeuvre the ball and pull out the fleece pieces to reveal the delicious treats hidden inside. This activity will keep your dog entertained for hours, and the puzzle ball is perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Not only is the puzzle ball a great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated and occupied, but it also promotes healthy chewing habits and provides a fun way for your pup to stay active. The soft fleece material of the pull-outs also provides a satisfying texture for your dog to chew on, making it a perfect toy for teething puppies.

Invest in the puzzle ball with fleece pull-outs today and watch as your dog enjoys the endless hours of entertainment and mental stimulation that this innovative toy provides!

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