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Teeth Cleaning Dog Treat Dispenser Balls

Teeth Cleaning Dog Treat Dispenser Balls

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The teeth-cleaning ball toys are made using eco-friendly TPR material which is PVC- and BPA-free and considered safe for pets.

You can hide treats inside this toy to facilitate your pup's interest in playing. It will gently clean your dog's teeth and as such is great for preventing dental problems. It is also great for puppies who are teething or for any small to a medium dog who likes to chew, tug or fetch (and who doesn't?!).

Using eco-friendly toys means less plastic waste in landfills and a better future for our planet! 

Product Features

  • Made using TPR material
  • Non-toxic, BPA-free and pet safe
  • 3 sizes available - 7cm, 6cm, and 5cm diameter
  • Recommended for puppies, small to medium dogs and heavy chewers
  • Non-toxic, recyclable and earth-friendly

 DISCLAIMER: Always supervise your pet while playing to ensure no parts of the toy are ingested. If ingestion is suspected, take your dog to the vet immediately. Any foreign object ingested by the dog may cause potential harm if not timely treated.

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